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Ever wondered how much money is waiting to be found in your records?

TSI’s MatchUR has been developed to do exactly that.

MatchUR allows you to define the rules and confidence levels. Using your existing CIS information, customer data is examined monthly to identify, transfer and collect Unrecovered Revenues. Reports are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.


  • Constantly improving matching techniques ensure prior relationships are found and balances transferred to appropriate accounts
  • Encrypted database ensures sensitive data is protected / private data is masked; No more spreadsheets with private data on desks or screens.
  • Tracking of account balances paid through use of scoring history tables, if available
  • Potential FACT Act Red Flag detection
  • Matches are graded and prioritized
  • The labor intensiveness of the research of the questionable matches is reduced and enhanced by TSI’s graphical user interface and reporting